Work Overview

I will be working in the Augmented Intelligence Lab at the University of Waterloo to help design a collaborative machine teaching platform that enables multiple annotators to reflect on their labeling patterns and identify bias.

I've recently finished a Software Developer - ML Platform internship with Odaia Intelligence, an innovative startup in the life sciences space, which leverages AI-driven solutions to help pharamaceutical companies connect with physicians more efficiently - reducing patients' time to therapy.

There, I designed software architecture that automates the creation of reports depicting the predictive performance of internal algorithms, maximizing customer confidence and providing value for prospective deals. I also trained and evaluated a new ML model - which would significantly reduce data preprocessing and unify several models into one, simplifying the overall design of the ML Ops pipeline.

Previously, I completed a Software Engineering internship at Cisco Systems contributing to the creation of a new infrastructure for routing information base tests, as well as developing Cisco IOS-XE router command parsers and schemas used for networking-related testing.

I have also interned as a Web Application Developer at the University of Waterloo's Computer Science Computing Facility, and was involved in building web applications concerning course and exam management for students.